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Specification for minimum wall thickness requirements for valve housing
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The day before, China's first mandatory national standards for valve products: GB26640-2011 "valve shell minimum wall thickness requirements specification" national new product standards implemented in the country. The implementation of the national standard of the first valve products will become mandatory requirements, thereby maximizing the protection of product equipment and personnel safety.

Prior to this, no quality standard and feasible a valve product quality housing, the original standard is not perfect, and some enterprises in the production of valve products, ignore the quality of their products, in order to reduce the cost and even cut corners, as in the shell thickness of valve products, modify the wall thickness, bring some hidden dangers to the valve safety device. In view of this, the national quality inspection administration and the National Standardization Committee in the last year, organized the drafting of the national standard GB26640-2011 "valve minimum wall thickness of the shell size requirements specification".

The valve shell thickness is the safety index of valve products, GB26640-2011 standard gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valves and diaphragm valves such as steel and iron valve wall thickness requirements, which are suitable for nominal pressure PN10 ~ PN760, nominal size of not more than DN1250 and the nominal steel valves pressure PN1.0 ~ PN25, iron valve nominal size not greater than DN3000.